Psychology Of Inspiration

Psychology Of Inspiration

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“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness’s of other people.”
Carl Gustav Jung


Psychology Of Inspiration

Do you ever wonder, dear reader, on how some people could bring out from the others what is best in them? They just know how to those over whom they preside, mobilize for the extra effort. We all know them – teachers, company directors, baseball coaches… and mothers. Though often they cannot boast a beautiful appearance or extraordinary intelligence, they have a talent to inspire others. With this amazing ability they are capable to be successful in almost everything they do.

But there are also people who awaken in us the worst. In their company we feel awkward, unseemly, even behave in a negative way, which later surprises us. Persuasion of such persons is always changed at the end of the lecture, and although they may wish to inspire us, in fact, they just huddle us off guard.

Psychotherapy profession allows me to see how we influence each other and think about the sources of inspiration. When meeting successful people, I asked: “How did work your motivation? What pointed the right way and how you did it?”
Collecting information and studying the biographies of great leaders, I began to realize that in business, politics, family and actually in every aspect of life, motivation is limited to a few principles.

It turns out that people like an American football coach at the University of Alabama – John Bryant, manager Lee Iaccoca – Ford’s head of corporate and then Chrysler’s, or Mother Teresa of Calcutta, had similar ways of encouraging others to act, and that their environment reacts in a very similar, predictable ways.

In later chapters we’ll look at many such leaders and their methods used to stimulate the ordinary people to extraordinary effort. I hope that I can point out to yourself as a reader; you can use these methods in your everyday dealings with others.
The principles presented in this book, and there are twelve of them, are extremely simple. They could be mastered virtually all if you really want to help others. I’m not saying that such a skills are earned without effort. Changing habits is extremely difficult task and mastering the art of motivation is a hard work. But with a little perseverance in this field, anyone could become an expert. Nobody is born with the gift of inspiration – it is to be learned. And it is generally the same.


1. From the people you are approaching, expect the very best
2. Notice the needs of others
3. Set high the bar of excellence
4. Create an environment in which failure does not mean losing
5. If someone strives where you are – join him
6. Use role models to encourage success
7. Demonstrate the recognition and praise achievements
8. Use a mixture of positive and negative reinforcement
9. Use in moderation the need for competition
10. Reward cooperation
11. Allow to group, there be storms
12. Try to keep motivation high

“The most powerful weapon on earth is inflamed human soul.”
Ferdinand Foch

In this respect, its rife and completely erroneous idea that inspires no one and all the motivation must come from within a man.
But let us remember the days when we were in a top form. Wasn’t that not attributable to another human being? Maybe a teacher who could bring us something more, or spending all night immersed in some book that might give us inspiration. Or the boss who made the work fun and knew how to unite a group of employees so that they gave more of themselves than could be expected every day. Wellington said that Napoleon’s presence on the battlefield is equal to a battle against an extra 40 000 troops. So it is true that the leader can exert influence on people.

When in June 1940, Hitler had France and the second time in twenty-five years gloomy night set on the rest of Europe. Germany immediately began preparations to invade Britain. The Soviet Union stood on the sidelines, United States of America did not really want to help by engaging in war and most military experts predicted that England, poorly armed and poorly prepared, within a few weeks will collapse under the pressure of invasion.

But in those gloomy conjecture had not been taken into the account sixty-five years a politician who, after many of his life experiences, on May 10 was appointed a prime minister. The next seven months of 1940 has decided to continue the course of modern history. England, and perhaps the entire western world owes its existence to the talents of Winston Churchill, using his extraordinary skills in the hope of rising resigned and frightened people.
To appreciate the gravity of this man, just think of the British families, gathering in living rooms and listening to the radio with its final vote of the Prime Minister:

Battle of France is over. I expect it would soon begin the battle for Britain. On this battle will depend the survival of Christian civilization. Surely soon the whole fury and might of the enemy will turn against us as Hitler knows that either we break here on this island or lose the war…
Therefore rally and proceed so that – if the British Empire and its Community will survive – for a thousand years, people would say: “That was their greatest hour.”
Looking back at the heroic resistance, which England showed to Hitler, we must admit that, indeed: it was the greatest hour of England. But Churchill had failed to rouse the will to live of fellow citizens so perhaps the heroism of his people would never externalize.

History shows that in almost every sphere of life there is a vacuum that can fill those who can only create an appropriate vision,  then to direct human energy toward the magnificent goal.
According to some leaders, people are basically lazy and do not want any encouragement. With this opinion that we find in the statements of the people in charge of trade, nothing is able to kindle the fire, as well as in complaints of teachers when they say that students simply lack motivation.

Meanwhile, R.J. Wlodkowski,  professor at the University of Wisconsin says that all is not totally devoid of human motivation. He suggests a more accurate statement: “This boy has no motivation to learn with me.” But during an expedition to fish Harry started up out of bed at three in the morning and have found a lot of interest.” Just look at how far the workers leave the parking lot after work to understand that is not characterized by their laziness. Rushing to their evening activities, although some will certainly require more effort than working in a factory.

Thus, the role of leader is not about to change the lazy people in hard working ones. It is rather directed towards the existing power of more worthy goals. People do not suffer from inactivity and boredom. They are generally satisfied with the boss, who can teach them how to enjoy their work, or with a teacher who knows how to instill in students love for learning, making smooth passes, each schooling day.

Lazy B Ranch Ranch is 260 square miles of land on the border of New Mexico and Arizona. It is owned by Day’s family since 1881. When Harry and Ada Mae Day was about to give birth to her first child, she went to the hospital in a distance of about 200 miles of El Paso. Their life was not easy. In a three-bedroom house built of sun-dried bricks, there was no running water or electricity. In the area there was no school. One would think that the prospects for the intellectual development of their daughter Sandra in such a reduced environment would be rather dull draw.
But Harry and Ada Mae were dreamers and would not allow their setting to limit them in any way. After the death of his father Harry took over the farm instead of starting his studies at Stanford University, but never lost hope that one day his daughter will be there to study. Ada Mae subscribed to newspapers and magazines such as Vogue and The New Yorker.  When Sandra was over four years old, the mother began to teach child at home by Calvert, and then arranged that the girl went to the best schools. Sandra’s brother Alan told me that during some years the whole family got into the car and set off on a trips to the capitals of the states west of the Mississippi. “We have visited all the most interesting places, but in the end we had to return home.”

Sandra began her studies at Stanford, then graduated from the faculty of law and eventually became the first judge of the Supreme Court of the United States.
To the swearing ceremony came whole Day’s family. During the ceremony, Alan carefully watched as his sister put on a toga and then approached the place where she sat among the other judges. Sandra looked around, saw her loved ones, looked at them and her eyes flooded with tears.

What makes a woman like Sandra Day O’Connor to achieve so much? Intelligence – certainly yes. And a lot of inner stubbornness. But the success is the work of a strong woman from a small ranch, when she red books to children for hours. It is also thanks to the parents of children to show them different places worthy of interest.

At this point I must categorically state that I do not want to talk here about manipulation. In the past decade I spent my time on a lots of books that teach you how to take the lead with intimidation and walking “after the corpses” of the subordinates. If you are looking for this kind of advice, then buying such a books is just loss of money. You will learn from it how to bend others to your own needs. But my books talk about motivation, not manipulation. The difference is clear. Manipulator is the one who urges people to do what its best for him. Inspirer is the one who sets goals beneficial to both sides, and then combines the efforts of a very efficient, highly moral partnership to achieve these objectives.

By Alan Loy McGinnis (excerpt/1933-2005 Christian psychotherapist)

His other published works:

• The secret to promote other people
• How to make others believe in their own strength?
• Failure is the mother of success
• How to be a better manager?
• Inspirational quotations of famous people
• Do something different than ever before!


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